Exhibitor FAQ’s

If there is anything you want to know we’ve not mentioned here in our Exhibitor FAQs just contact us.

Our Exhibitor FAQs can also be found in our downloadable Exhibitor Prospectus.

How big is my exhibition area?

Your space is 3 metres wide and a minimum of 1.5 metres deep. We also have double and premium sized stands available too.

Do I get anything included with my space?

You can  rent a table or cloth as well as power outlets if required.

Do I need to book any extras or can I get them on the day?

You must pre-book any extras before the event, we regret we cannot add items on the day.

What size tables do you provide?

If you reserve and pay for a table and cloth we provide standard trestle tables which are usually about 1.8 metres long and 90cm deep.

Is there a height restriction for my exhibition space?

This can vary in different areas but is at least 2.4 metres high unless otherwise stated. Please check with the organisers for ceiling height restrictions.

What type of flooring is there?

The floor is a non-carpeted metal floor. Under no circumstances can anything be affixed to the floor at any time.

Can I stick my marketing materials to the wall?

You can use Blu-tak or any other non-permanent sticky pads to temporarily adhere posters or flyers to walls. Nothing can be affixed outside your exhibition area.

Is a power outlet provided?

Power is NOT included as standard. If required we can supply a socket to your stand position but the charge will be £15 per socket and this must be pre-ordered.

Can I plug my kit into outlets at the venue?

No. You can only use pre-ordered, pre-paid and PAT tested and certified outlets we provide.

Is Wi-Fi provided?

The venue cannot guarantee connectivity for WiFi. WiFi is provided by the venue and is supplied free of charge on an as is basis.

What differentiates a Premium and Standard Exhibition Area?

For most it is down to location. Premium stands are often in areas of high traffic, high visibility or have larger exhibition spaces. Check the event floorplan for full details.

How many people can we have on our stand?

There is no limit, you can bring as many as you choose.

Do you provide name badges?

We provide all your registered staff with a name badge. We do not provide name badges for delegates. If you forget to register someone or need to make changes then blank badges will be available for you on the day.

Can you provide some invitations for me to send out?

We will provide you with an email marketing template to send to your clients and contacts and we’ll also provide some pre-printed invitation cards if you’d like to mail something out.

Do you provide refreshments and a meal to Exhibitors?

We provide both a cafe and a trolley service to exhibitors as well as pre-booked packed lunches. You can order your chosen refreshments for delivery on the day.

How do I book an exhibition space?

Just complete the simple form to book your stand.

Once I have booked is my space secured?

You need to make sure that you make full payment within 7 days of booking or your space may be released as we usually have a waiting list for spaces.

Is my choice of space guaranteed?

We try not to move any chosen and allocated spaces, however on rare occasions we may have to move you to an alternative space. Check our terms and conditions for full details.

Can I park close to the venue?

We provide space as close to the venue as we can and these spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Can we attend the seminars?

Yes of course ! We’d love you to participate in anything that’s going on on the day.

Can we pay for extra advertising on the day of the event?

We’re able to offer advertising in the event guide, you can insert leaflets in to every delegate pack or you can have your literature distributed to each seminar attendee, just ask us for details.

What sponsorship opportunities do you have?

We offer main event sponsorship as well as area branding, email marketing, signage, event guide and bag sponsorship. For details and to find the right package to suit your budget, just drop us a line.